An enthusiastic girl from a small village and self-proclaimed "Town Hero", Rena always believed herself destined for glory - a belief only made stronger when she discovered her magic "grapple bracelets"! Never hesitating to help those in need, Rena always jumps at the call to adventure, even if it may land her in over her head every now and then.


Mysterious constructs of unknown origin, these silent soldiers follow the whim of those who command them without question. With a wide variety of different capabilities and attacks, they range from common cannon fodder to fearsome foes - but certainly nothing that our heroine can't handle!


A boisterious bully from Rena's home town, Commander Hurgh reckons himself the strongest there is, and therefore the rightful boss of all he surveys - and with command over a whole army of hollow soldiers, he may just get what he wants! He may have a lot of bulk and bluster, but just remember - "the bigger they are, the better they're beaten"!


A captain of the Capital City Guard, Jette is an agent of order and justice. Despite their no-nonsense approach, Jette does have some decidedly non-standard equipment at their disposal - a mysterious pair of magical wings which allow unfettered flight. Could this mysterious artifact be linked to Rena's own...?


Part of an elite order of warrior-mages, Pine is a wandering adventurer who'd be the "loose cannon" in a buddy-cop duo if she didn't prefer to work alone. Having trained hard for her magical and martial skills, she has her doubts about Rena's capabilities - can the two headstrong heroines learn to work together?