Welcome to the website for Grapple Force Rena! Swing, climb, grab, and throw in this action platformer where you can grapple anywhere!

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Q: What is this? What even is this?
Grapple Force Rena is an action platform game where you can grapple anywhere! Grab onto any surface and you can swing around - grab onto enemies and objects and you can throw them into each other!

Q: Is the game finished?
A: Yes! You can buy it on Steam or itch.io!

Q: How do I control the game?
A: Use of the keyboard and mouse is recommended, but the game also supports keyboard-only controls. You can also use a gamepad on supported browsers (such as Chrome)! Full instructions on control methods can be found in Controls.

Q: This game runs like garbage in my browser!
A: This isn't really a question! Grapple Force Rena is supported by most modern web browsers, but runs best in Google Chrome; the game should run just fine on most modern computer systems, but if you have a slower computer and the browser version of the game runs poorly even in Chrome, the downloadable version of the game will run much smoother on slower hardware than the browser version.